About Us

By Dianna Houx

Our family has always tried to be health conscious, but it wasn't until we were impacted by a serious illness that we realized just how serious we needed to be about it.

Y ears ago my husband suffered from debilitating fatigue. It was extremely difficult for him to get out of bed, and when he was able to, it wasn't long until he needed to lie back down. We went to many doctors, all of whom dismissed his symptoms as depression, refusing to even consider the possibility he could be suffering from a biological condition and not a psychological one.

On our own, we spent countless hours researching possible solutions, when we discovered a potential link between his fatigue and what he was eating. After many months of trial and error, we were able to completely overhaul his diet and get him back on his feet and healthy again.

After we figured out what we were putting IN our bodies, we turned our attention to what we were putting ON our bodies, and discovered that there are just as many toxic ingredients in our daily skin care products as there were in the food we were consuming. Since our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it easily absorbs into the bloodstream whatever we put on it, we were giving toxins direct access to some of the most vulnerable parts of our body. It was time for a change, but unfortunately there were not a lot of healthy options that were affordable, trustworthy, or easy to obtain.

At this point, it was necessary to start making our own products, products we knew that we could trust, not just on our skin, but on our children's skin as well. After more research, and a ton of trial and error, we developed a line of skin care and home products that we not only use ourselves, but that we believe could benefit others too. Thus, Jasmine Falls was born.

All of our products are made with as few ingredients as possible, and all of the ingredients can be easily pronounced! We use the highest quality ingredients we possibly can, and use organic whenever possible. Some of our ingredients come from local farms and some come from our own garden, where we can guarantee the quality and that no pesticides or toxic chemicals were used.

We know that your family's health is important to you, and that by buying our products, you are placing your trust in us and in the belief that it is important to us too. We guarantee that we will never take that trust lightly.

From our family to yours, we wish you nothing but health and happiness.


Dianna is a wife and mother who strongly believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. She is passionate about creating products that are not only nourishing for the skin, but look and smell great too. She is also passionate about writing, so if you love creative stories, check out her blog here: diannahoux.com


Noah is a young man who has a passion for creating. He loves cooking and creating new dishes and carried that passion over to Jasmine Falls where he has the freedom to try new things while also putting his own spin on the classics.


- Prefers working in jeans and long sleeves, hates when its hot

- Encourages his boys to be independent thinkers and go-getters

- Wants to work with his wife for the rest of his life

- Been a carpenter, programmer, 3D animator, and web designer. Thinks carpenter is the manliest!